Caribou Parkas, Inuits,

A parka is a very popular type of outerwear that's worn by many men and women in North America.

Caribou Parkas, Inuits, Along With The Arctic

A Parka or anorak is usually a lightweight and warm type of jacket with a fur-lined hood, often made of fake or faux fur. The Caribou Inuit first invented this kind of clothing, first designed for kayaking and hunting in the cold Arctic. Some Caribou anoraks need occasional therapy with particular fish oil for water-resistance to keep their moisture wicking ability.

The Parka

A parka is a very common sort of outerwear that's worn by a lot of men and women in North America. A parka, or anorak, is an overcoat having a waterproof hood, generally lined with sheepskin or faux fur, and frequently worn with jeans or leggings. The Inuit first developed this kind of jacket, initially made from seal or caribou skin, for hunting and walking from the cold Arctic.

Understanding the Various Types of Parkas

A parka or orange is a type of coat with a fur-lined hood, typically having a hooded-style fur or synthetic fur lining. The Caribou Eskimos made this kind of coat, originally designed to protect hunters and seals from the harsh Arctic climate, typically made from seal or caribou skin. Some parkas even require regular application of fish oil to keep their waterproof resistance.
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